20000 m2 of production area, 120 employees, 10000 m2 of windows per month

In 2007, the new factory of Doleta started work. The technology used in the new factory has been made specifically to Doleta’s needs. It contains fully automatic assembly lines for making, drilling and cutting profiles and painting robots constructed in Germany. The factory is currently able to produce 150 units of window structures during one shift.

The company can manufacture 10 000 m2 of windows per month with 120 employees on its 20 000 m2 of production area.


In order to extend the usable life of windows and decrease their exploitation costs, Doleta was the first Lithuanian window manufacturer to start using two systems of covering windows with aluminum on the outside: HolzPlus and ALU5000. Doleta also implemented the passive house system, enabling to get the windows’ heat resistance to Uw=0.8 W/m2K.

Only quality materials and components are used to ensure the high quality of Doleta’s products, such as pine, larch, redwood, Alpine spruce, oak and other wooden materials from German timber companies, aluminum profiles from Austrian companies. All complete profiles and ready-made products are stored in a warehouse with precisely regulated temperature and humidity conditions.

We provide a five-year warranty to our products, manufactured on automatic assembly lines and covered with SIKKENS materials in three layers.