You want the room to look bigger. For this, you can use bay windows – windows which protrude from the wall. Doleta can make bay windows in every style, maintaining their safety and weatherproof properties.

Enjoy the view to your magnificent garden while sitting in the bedroom.

One of the most complicated tasks is to manufacture everything necessary for building a conservatory. A conservatory gives the room a lot of light and at the same time, protects it entirely from rain, wind and snow. This gives more space to the home. A terrace built into a conservatory allows to extend the period of using the terrace to nearly the entire year in our northern climate.

A beautiful façade is the calling card of a house.

Doleta offers a large selection of systems which allow the builder to realize the most innovative façade solutions. The materials and systems selected by Doleta do not limit the creation of the architect.

Architecturally, domes are a particularly attractive element. A dome allows to let natural light into rooms where one cannot put a regular window.